Cabo Verde

Friends of Mind/Amgos de Mente has a strong relationship with the government of Cabo Verde. We work with medical professionals on the islands of Fogo, Maio, Sal and Santiago, targeting rural areas with limited access to medical care. During our annual trips, our volunteer doctors and nurses from the United States assist their Cabo Verdean colleagues in providing treatment for minor episodic illnesses such as skin conditions, infections, intestinal parasites, hypertension, allergies and diabetes.  We also support mental health services on Santiago island. Mainly, Friends of Mind/Amigos de Mente provides much needed medical supplies and equipment to hospitals in Cabo Verde.  Some of the hospitals we work with include:

  • Agostinho Neto Hospital, in Praia, Island of Santiago
  • Trindade Psychiatric Hospital in Praia, Island of Santiago
  • St. Filomena Hospital, Island of Fogo

Cabo Verde Islands (click to enlarge)

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